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Guess Who?

You see them in the newspaper; you get their post cards. They are at the bus stops and on shopping carts and business cards- looking business-like, looking elated, looking casual, reduced to caricatures, cuddling small dogs, accompanying large dogs, posed with kids or talking on their phones. We are all looking for a new angle to get your attention and business-that perfect combination of unique picture and irresistible slogan. How many other professions can you think of where practitioners display their pictures as much as real estate agents?
Austin Agent Eric Bramlett has posted his choices for the 10 worst Realtor Photos. I got a kick out of it.

Real Estate 101 – REALTOR Code of Ethics

Reading the REALTOR Code of Ethics doesn’t take very long.
The Articles and Standards of Practice describe the duties of REALTORS to the Public, their Clients and to other REALTORS.
If you are considering purchasing or selling property, or if you are a REALTOR who has read the Code of Ethics recently, its worth your time.

No Truer Words…….

Writer and consultant Molly W. Wasserman wrote this a while back. It seems to become timlier with each reading :

Real Estate Internet Warning©
Despite advertising claims to the contrary, the Internet is not an experienced real estate professional. It cannot consult, counsel, advise, apply knowledge of local real estate laws and market conditions, make judgments, own the result, or most importantly, understand your individual goals and needs and care about you as a client. Furthermore, while the Internet can provide information, it cannot interpret it. (used by permission, compliments of Molly W. Wasserman)

In these times of Internet 2.0, and a seemingly endless barage or real estate listings, mortgage, and value information readily available on the web, maybe it is time to get back to the basics and start considering the value of the REALTOR as the hands-on, live expert on local real estate.

If you were being sued, needed surgery, or had a sick pet, you might glance at the internet, but your first choice would be a real, live professional.

Also read Ms Wasserman’s article, Are Real Estate Agents Commodities OR Professionals Whose Expertise and Experience Makes All the Difference?

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