Midtown Makeover – Why has it taken so long?

An story in today’s Commercial Appeal Business Section titled “Midtown Makeover?” describes the early stages of development of the blighted area bounded by Cleveland, Poplar, McNeil and Madison, an area mostly neglected since the 1970s, if my Midtown Memories serve me correctly. The description of the proposed development of the area sounds optimistic, and the thoughts of a big box store in Midtown are overshadowed by the proposal of a mixed use area with a variety of retail, services and housing options. Of course, a Target Store for the area has not been ruled out.

The out of town developer, WSG Development of Miami Beach, FL has already poured a sizable sum into property acquisition and apparently has construction money commitments.

This project can only be GOOD for Midtown. That goes for the Sears Tower too. Lets hope these projects move forward and that level headed decision makers take the right course to enhancing the core of our city. Obviously both WSG and Andy Cates (Sears Tower) understand the concept of Location, Location, Location.

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