A Chance to Mention Elvis and Uri Geller in the Same Post

Before there was Graceland, there was an unassuming ranch-style home (it did have musical notes on the fence as I recall), on quiet Audubon Drive in East Memphis, that Elvis, Gladys and Vernon lived in for about a year.
It seems that psychic, Uri Geller thought he had the property nailed down in a 2006 Ebay auction, only to have it snatched away by a higher bidder. From the description in the Commercial Appeal, there seems to have been a contract issue, and Geller sued; but, alas, the man with powers to bend your Mother’s best flatware, did not prevail.
Was US District Judge Jon McCalla’s decision a milestone in real estate law? Should celebrity homes be handled by REALTORS instead of Ebay auctions? Has Elvis really left the building? Only history will reveal the answers.
And where did Elvis live before Audubon? If memory serves me well, the Northeast corner of Getwell and Kimball.

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