Memphis Music and Heritage Festival Schedule

2008 Festival Schedule

Saturday August 30th, 2008

Sunday August 31st, 2008

Peabody Place & Main Street Stage

12:00 pm Greg Hisky and His Dixie Whisky Flyers

1:00 pm TBA

2:00 pm Agitators with Joe Gaston & Jimmy
Segerson (Blues)

3:00 pm The City Champs (Jazz)

4:00 pm The Sensational Six (Gospel)

5:00 pm The Billy Gibson Blues Band (Blues)

6:00 pm The Kattawar Brothers (Rhythm & Blues)

7:00 pm Giant Bear (Folk Rock)

8:00 pm The Tim Terry Experience (Funk)

9:00 pm The MellowTones (Gospel)

10:00 pm Bobby Rush (Soul)

Trolley Stop Stage

11:00 am TBA

11:15 am The Flying MonkeyMan Band
(Music for the Family)

11:45 am TBA

12:00 pm Jimmy Crosthwait (Puppet Show)

12:40 pm Voices of the South – High Cotton
(Music for the Family)

1:15 pm Randal Morton (Banjo Workshop)

1:40 pm Felix Hernandez (Puerto Rican Cuisine)

2:05 pm TBA

2:30 pm David Bowen (Guitar Workshop)

2:55 pm Ella Kizzie (Southern Cooking)

3:20 pm TBA

3:45 pm Billy Gibson (Harmonica Workshop)

4:10 pm Thomas Sitt (Chinese Cuisine)

4:35 pm TBA

5:00 pm Choctaw (Cooking and Dancing)

5:25 pm Felix Hernandez (Latin Percussion Workshop)

5:50 pm Salsa Memphis (Dance Routine)

6:30 pm The US Navy Big Band (Big Band)

7:30 pm Valerie June Trio (Folk)

8:30 pm Fitz’s Ultimate Cooking Hoorkers
(Music That Smells Good)

9:30 pm Tonya Dyson & Green Onions (Neo-Soul)

Folklore Store Stage

1:15 pm Charlie Wood (Jazz & Blues)

2:15 pm Deborah Swiney (Jazz)

3:15 pm Roy Harper & Rob Pearcy (Country)

4:15 pm Devin Miller (Blues)

5:15 pm Sidney, Cidney, Sidney (Rhythm & Blues)

6:15 pm Kim Richardson (Folk)

7:15 pm William Lee Ellis (Blues)

8:15 pm Promise (Jazz)

9:15 pm Harlan T Bobo (Rock)

10:15 pm Steve Gardner & The Jake Leg Stompers
(Jug Band)

Folklore Hall Stage

2:45 pm Los Cantadores Trio (Mariachi)

3:45 pm Gary Topper Quartet (Jazz)

4:45 pm Singin Southern Jubilees (Gospel)

5:45 pm Billy Lee Riley (Rockabilly)

6:45 pm Grassfire (Bluegrass)

7:45 pm Tony Thomas Trio featuring Sam Shoup
& Tom Lenardo (Jazz)

8:45 pm Hope Clayburn & Soul Scrimmage
(Funk & Soul)

Gayoso & Main Street Stage

1:30 pm Mr. White (DJ & Vocal Set)

2:30 pm Moments of Joy (Gospel)

3:30 pm Lucas Cates Band (Rock)

4:30 pm Devil Train (Gypsy Jazz)

5:30 pm Elmo & The Shades (Blues)

6:30 pm Alicja Trout & The River City Tanlines

7:30 pm The Dark Side Thugs, Willie Firecracker , & The Tunnel Clones (Rap & Hip Hop)

8:30 pm Al Kapone (Hip Hop)

9:30 pm The Daddy Mack Blues Band (Blues)

Peabody Place & Main Street Stage

12:00 pm Hickory Withe Bluegrass (Bluegrass)

1:00 pm Phil Durham (Rhythm & Blues)

2:00 pm Smoochy Smith & Hooch (Country)

3:00 pm Annointed Cowans Singers (Gospel)

4:00 pm FreeWorld featuring Herman Green
(Rock & Jazz)

5:00 pm Reba Russell (Blues)

6:00 pm Homemade Jamz Blues Band (Blues)

7:00 pm Sonny Burgess & The Pacers (Rockabilly)

8:00 pm Will Graves and Soul (Soul)

9:00 pm Darrell Petties & SIP (Gospel)

10:00 pm Jason D. Williams (Boogie Woogie)

Trolley Stop Stage

11:00 am Michigan City Soul Steppers
(Michigan City, Indiana)

11:15 am The Flying MonkeyMan Band
(Music for the Family)

11:45 am The Sophisticated Sound & Steppers
(Hythorn, California)

12:00 pm Jimmy Crosthwait (Puppet Show)

12:40 pm Voices of the South – Virginia Ralph
(Children’s Storytelling)

1:40 pm Pyramid Dancers (Belly Dance Performers)

2:05 pm Ella Kizzie (Southern Cooking)

2:30 pm David Evans (Jug Band Workshop)

2:55 pm Chinese Dance & Martial Arts

3:20 pm Chef Judd Grisanti (Spindini / Italian Cuisine)

3:45 pm The Isiserettes Drill and Drum Corp
(Des Moines, Iowa)

4:00 pm Johnny Yancy Big Band (Big Band)

4:50 pm Chef Michael Patrick (Creole Gumbo)

5:15 pm TBA

5:45 pm Millennium Maddness Fancy Trick Drill &
Drum Show Team
(Memphis, Tennessee)

6:00 pm Ekpe (African Drumming)

6:25 pm Deanna Lubin (Working with Challah)

6:45 pm Jumpback Jake (Soul)

7:45 pm Don McMinn & Nightrain (Blues)

8:45 pm The Gypsy Hombres (Jazz)

9:45 pm Willie Covington (Soul)

Folklore Store Stage

1:15 pm Caleb Sweazy (Folk & Country)

2:15 pm Barbara Blue (Blues)

3:15 pm Roy Harper & Rob Pearcy (Country)

4:15 pm Dan Montgomery Trio (Rock)

5:15 pm Audie Smith & Vicki Newsum (Jazz)

6:15 pm Eden Brent (Blues)

7:15 pm Thomas Spurlock (Neo-Soul)

8:15 pm Last Chance Jug Band (Jug Band)

9:15 pm Pierce Pettis (Folk)

10:15 pm Blind Mississippi Morris (Blues)

Folklore Hall Stage

1:45 pm The Jumpin Chi Chis (Jazz)

2:45 pm TBA

3:45 pm Eddie Bond (Country)

4:45 pm Memphis Klezmer Allstars (Klezmer)

5:45 pm Orange Mound Jazz Messengers (Jazz)

6:45 pm Jim Dickinson, Sid Selvidge , &
Jimmy Crosthwait (Blues)

7:45 pm Niko Lyras Trio

8:45 pm Joyce Cobb (Jazz, Blues & Rock)

Gayoso & Main Street Stage

1:30 pm Mr. White & David Agape
(Gospel & House Set)

2:30 pm FreeVerse (Jam Band & Funk)

3:30 pm The Golden Keys (Gospel)

4:30 pm Charles Johnson & Kwest
(Jazz & Rhythm & Blues)

5:30 pm Kenny Brown

6:30 pm Brown Singers (Gospel)

7:30 pm Susan Marshall (Jazz, Rock & Blues)

8:30 pm Exodus (Reggae)

9:45 pm Los Cantadores (Latin)


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