FaceBook – a great place to start your social media journey

I am fascinated with the social media. Whenever I find a new platform or widget, I am like a kid with a new toy. I have accounts with scores of sites, many of which I use daily; but, by far, Facebook has to be the best all-round social media interface for the beginner or seasoned social networker.

My favorites from my RSS reader, my diggs, my tweets, my SocialMedian clips all go directly to my Facebook wall. Plus, whenever I want, I can add a link, or pictures, a text comment, or a video clip. It allows me a chance to instantly share what I am doing, reading, or thinking about, and what’s important to me.

What does it matter? Is it a waste of time? I know people check my profile because they tell me they do; they discuss my content and leave comments. My goal is to portray the real me through my Facebook profile, to be relevant and to have a little fun doing it.

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