Newspapers and magazines a little thinner these days

Noticed how the local newspaper looks a little thinner lately? It is especially obvious to me in Sunday Real Estate supplement. It’s not just the current economic situation that is causing the decreased amount of print advertising, it is marketers changing their tactics in favor of online media. I have posted before on permission marketing vs. interruption marketing, and the trends indicated in the chart courtersy of Marketing Sherpa, support a more permission based approach as we see a significant reduction of traditional interruption techniques: direct mail, radio/tv, spam email, and print advertising.

Some elements of online marketing are also projecting reduced use: paid ads on search engines and online display ads. Funny, though, that I get calls almost every day from SEO scammers and online ad sales folks. These folks work from the knowledge that many businesses and real estate agents stopped evolving with technology when they built their website a few years back.
The chart shows mixed results in Web 2.0 activities. Is the 20% reduction portion due to lack of being able to integrate social media marketing to the core business, lack of knowledge of business uses of social media, or denial that social media will ever have valid marketing uses? The 48% -adding, is still very positive, and I believe we will see an acceleration of social media marketing, as traditional advertising prices continue to provide less and less ROI.

H/T to The Real Estate Bloggers

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