Think blogging is a hassle? Try Posterous


I have found that a lot of folks I work with think blogging is too much of a hassle, requires some sort of esoteric knowledge, and does not foster spontaneity.  Well how would a blogging platform that lets you post pictures, video, documents, and your brilliant thoughts, via email work for you?  And how about if that platform also allows you to auto post your content anywhere on the web?  No program to sign into;  no separate editor that never will do quite what you want it to;  No importing content and embedding videos in html.  Just compose and email, add your attachments and press SEND.

posteous2Is blogging sounding a little easier now? Give a try.  It’s an easy to use (just email in your posts) platform that appears to have great SEO properties.  You can also run Google Analytics, and do basic design of your Posterous.  My posterous has some basic design changes:  header pic, background and font colors, but you will have the capabablity with a little CSS design to make your posterous (pronounced with a short O sound) to have a very cool and unique look.

Give it a try.  You can establish a blogging presence in just a few minutes.

A big bonus is that you can set up your posterous to auto-post your posterous posts to most of the social networking sites: Twitter, Facebook, etc., to easily broadcast your content.

I have found Posterous to be a powerful tool for social bookmarking and sharing.  More about that and using the Posterous bookmarklet in the next post.

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