Zippin Pippin finds appreciation in Green Bay

Zippin Pippin Final Days (3)

Image by joespake via Flickr

Take a Ride on the Memphis Zippin Pippin

reads a headline on a spiffy new website dedicated to the famous roller coaster.  It seems that Green Bay, Wisconsin appreciates the Memphis Vibe and the Elvis connection more than  we Memphians do.   The excitement about the ride’s opening, complete with the Elvis and Memphis references was reported in yesterday’s Commercial Appeal.

I am happy this piece of history has what seems to be a permanent home,  but please tell me just one more time why WE  couldn’t do something with it?  And  why do we feel so comfortable bulldozing our history and heritage or selling it to the highest bidder?

Here’s the way things were looking in Memphis back in February, 2010:

But I guess I shouldn’t complain.  London Bridge has been in Arizona since 1971

London Bridige via Wikipedia

Oh, and one more thing:  What happened to the Merry-go-round and the Fairgrounds time capsule?

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