About time for a new website I guess

MS FrontPage?  Say What?

Websites were the new shiny toys when I got into real estate back in 1996. I was kind of a techie back then, and even though I started my business web presence with a templated, low functioning website, I yearned to design one of my own.  So I designed my first version of spake.com sometime in early 1988 in Microsoft FrontPage 97.  [Disclaimer:  I am currently affiliated with Revid Realty and not any of the companies show in these ancient screen shots.]

spake.com - late 1998

spake.com - late 1998 - First screenshot from Way Back Machine

I had no talent for design, but not many others did either.  I just wanted and efficient site that would bring business my way.  Even though the last version of FrontPage was 2003, I think, I hung in there with it until just this month, when I cut over to the WordPress platform.   Here is a short trip down Memory Lane:

spake.com 2003

spake.com in 2003


spake.com - 2006

I don’t have the very last FrontPage version, but this is the last capture from the Way Back Machine (2009)

spake.com 2009

spake.com -2009

The all new and improved spake.com is up and running.  Check it out!

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