Madison got dedicated bike lanes and the world didn’t end

Maybe the bike lanes weren’t such a bad idea after all

madison ave in midtown

Madison Ave, Midtown Memphis, with dedicated bike lanes

It was interesting to read in the Commercial Appeal last month that some of the businesses that opposed the bike lanes on Madison Avenue are now putting their energy into making Madison Avenue a better place – a street that is pedestrian, and bike friendly, safer and more beautiful – home to shops, restaurants, commerce and the arts, in a comfortable mainstream urban environment.

Mark Weber, one of the former opponents of dedicated bike lanes has started a website in support of bicycling on Madison.  Weber, owner of the Mail Center at 1910 Madison, says that a number of Madison merchants are adopting a more positive attitude towards bike lanes and the Mayor’s plans to beautify the street; and that a major kickoff of the initiative will probably occur next spring with a “grand opening” of the bike lanes.

Two trips down Madison

I am been around Midtown most of my life, and I have always thought there was something special about Madison – from Stewart Brothers Hardware to Overton Square, Huey’s, Zinnie’s, the Lamplighter, Ardent, and all the businesses, eateries, and bars that have come and gone – there’s just something magical about Madison.

Before the milling, paving and re-striping,  I did a windshield video of the stretch of Madison where the bike lanes were proposed:

And here is a video of the same route after Madison was repaved and lanes striped:

Of course, it was kind of a chilly day, early afternoon – maybe too chilly for most bikers. The wide lens I was using made it appear I was really speeding, but I was actually within the speed limit for the whole distance

I have high hopes for Madison being Midtown’s and Memphis’s showcase street for for urban aesthetics, sensible transportation, commerce, and residential living.

What do you think?  Please leave a comment.

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