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My favorite mommy blogger publishes her first book

Christina-Marie Wright Book Cover

Christina-Marie Wright can tell a story. Whether you are reading her stories in her first book, Everything I Need to Know about Motherhood I Learned from Animal House, or listening to them over coffee or drinks, Christina-Marie is engaging, honest, and incredibly funny.
This collection of essays documents the joys and tribulations of mothering 7 kids, while being the charming wife of Mr. Wright, blogging, writing, and teaching.  Her blog, The Gonzo Mama, takes “mommy blogging” to a whole new dimension.
Erma Bombeck entertained the moms of  Boomers decades ago. With Everything I Need to Know about Motherhood I Learned from Animal House, Christina-Marie takes the lead as the modern Mama humorist.

The book is due for release any day now. For a limited time you can pre-order an autographed copy directly through the blog at http://thegonzomama.com.   Copies can always be ordered at https://www.createspace.com/3453219

Christina-Marie WrightChristina-Marie Wright lives somewhere in Washington State with her husband, Mr. Wright and 7 kids.

Pre-Memorial Day Cookout

Family, originally uploaded by joespake.

A pre-Memorial Day cookout, with my sister, Carrie’s and brother Jim’s families.
I hope you all have a safe Memorial Day celebration and remembrance.

  • On Memorial Day 2010 We Remember the Loved Ones of the Fallen (beliefnet.com)
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