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Create and add to Twitter lists

As more and more people adopt Twitter as a viable communications platform and follow more Tweeters, time and information management becomes an issue.  The twitter lists feature is a basic for power users.  Lists let you categorize, prioritize, and group those you follow, and are very useful if you use Twitter clients like Hootsuite or TweetDeck.  I will get into Twitter efficiency, those clients, and more  in some future posts, but for now here’s a quick screen cast on how to make a new list, or add someone to an existing list.

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14 Favorite Blogs for 2008

It’s the time of the year for Lists. Everyone loves lists, so I thought I would do a list of my 14 favorite blogs of 2008. These are not in any particular order, but they are the blogs I find myself reading the most and not just j-ing through in my Google reader.


1. Calculated Risk Finance and Economics

2. Paul Krugman Blog Conscience of a Liberal – My favorite economist

3. Paul B. Farrell – Doesn’t seem to have a blog of his own but posts around. Link is for one of his WSJ posts. Another favorite economist.


4. Brian Solis PR 2.0 – Many hail Solis as the father of Web 2.o and Social Media

5. Buzz Bin Geoff Livingston – cutting edge Social Media and marketing

6. Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin – Since “Permission Marketing” was published in 2000, it has been obvious that Seth “gets it”.

Since my livelihood is from Real Estate, I try to keep up with cutting edge and alt real estate news.

Real Estate

7. Sellsius Blog Joseph Ferraro is on top of the latest RE marketing trends and technology

8. Housing Panic – now defunct, HP covered the housing bubble inflation and burst for over 3 years – posts can still be found at the link, also worthy of note are Housing Doom and Housing Bubble Blog.

9. Bloodhound Blog Real Estate outside the box, sometimes way outside the box.


10. Smart City – not afraid to address our city’s most important issues.

11. Gates of Memphis – discovering and sharing the Memphis most of us wouldn’t otherwise notice.


12. Twitip – If you, too, have succumbed to the Twitter addiction, this blog will help you keep your sanity with useful tips.

Fun Stuff

13. Neatorama – a collection of strange and unusual stuff.

For Those Who Love Lists

14. Listwork – I just found Elizabeth Alley’s blog this week, and it’s already a favorite.

I have about 150 blog subscriptions in my Google Reader, and the list is growing. I spend more time reading blogs than I do with newspapers, magazines and books. There is so much interesting information floating around I am afraid my head will explode at any moment. I am sure I committed the sin of omission, but these are the blogs that keep bubbling to the top.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Happy and Prosperous New Year

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