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NOAA raises Memphis flood crest prediction to 48 feet

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has revised its flood level projections for the Mississippi, indicating that the Memphis area could see a near- record breaking level of 48 feet by May 10.

This revised chart was published by NOAA at 3:55 CDT today (May 2).

Flood projection

Flood projection from NOAA- Memphis Data Highlighted

River stage is expected at 46.5 feet by Saturday, and 48.0 feet by May 10.  THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF, FOLKS!

I have provided links in the immediately preceding posts, but here is the main link you MUST BOOKMARK and MONITOR FREQUENTLY:

Shelby County’s Emergency Preparedness site http://www.staysafeshelby.us/

Local news media, and Twitter (#memflood)  offer up to the minute coverage of flood conditions.

Be Safe My Friends!

Rodney Baber Park

Ball fields at Rodney Baber Park Inundated with flood waters

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Memphis area begins to feel the flood

high water

at 35.5 feet on the Memphis Gauge, water laps over the bank at the ramp-parking lot at the north end of Mud Island - Memphis (the River will crest 10' higher)

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration‘s National Weather Service keeps tabs on  Mississippi River conditions.  If you are watching the river stages in anticipation of historic flooding next week, here are some interesting related links.

This  is the official NOAA Lower Mississippi flood projections (Memphis Levels highlighted)

Link updated daily Continue reading

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