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Buildings worth saving? (part 2)

Nylon Net Building - 7 Vance Ave.

Here is another building from the CCC’s list – Top 10 Downtown buildings worth saving:  the Nylon Net building at 7 Vance (Vance and Wagner).  You have probably passed this hulking brick building hundreds of times on your way the the Spaghetti Warehouse.  I can’t find any history on it It looks early 20th century, with a large mid-20th century addition that fills the rest of the block to the south.  Lots of brick.  I am not finding much character here, though.  For a building this big, Memphis must have had a corner on the world’s nylon net market at some point in history.

Ballard & Ballard Obelisk Flour 325 Wagner

Turn around and look at a much more interesting building, the Ballard and Ballard Obelisk Flour Co. (1924).  This one didn’t make the list, probably not big enough, but it is one of the most interesting buildings Downtown, with it’s Egyptian Revival elements like the twin hieroglyphics loaded obelisks that adorn the corners. Just a teaser pic here.  Go look at this building in person.

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