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Zombies on the move tonight in Downtown Memphis

The Fifth Annual Memphis Zombie Massacre

Memphis Zombies
Memphis Zombies converge on South Main this evening (May 27,2011) for the 5th Memphis Zombie Massacre.  The mass lurch kicks of at Ernestine & Hazel’s at 6:30.  It’s Trolley Night, so there will be lots of  non-zombies in the crowd, some marked with a duct tape X to indicate their willingness to be zombified.  The route will be north on Main, then west to terrorize Beale Street.  If you want to participate, there’s more info at the Memphis Zombies site.

Here is my video from last year’s massacre:

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Photo of the Day -Memphis Zombies on the Move

Memphis Zombies (5), originally uploaded by joespake.

Memphis Zombies lurch toward their final destination, the Zombie Ball.

South Main St., Memphis, TN May 28, 2010

More zombie pics.

Video – Memphis zombies lurch toward the zombie ball

Wow, I didn’t know Memphis had so many zombies.

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