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Here’s how Google+ is working for me

…and why I am putting less emphasis on my Facebook business pages

I share my blog posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon,  Digg and Google+.  I use  Google Analytics as one of the tools to monitor traffic to this blog and my other sites.  Checking the social stats, I got this result for visitor sources for this blog:

google analytics stats

Yep, Google+ generated over 2.5 times more visitors than Facebook.  Why?  Because Facebook’s edge rank algorithm does not show posts on your timeline or posts to your FB pages to all your friends and fans, just a selected few.  Posts to my Facebook business page, for instance, are served to less that 20% of my fans.  Google+, on the other hand does not throttle my posts, so whether I post to a specific circle or 2 or publicly on Google+ the message gets to all those that have me circled, not an algorithmically selected few.  I continue to advocate for Google+ everywhere I get a chance, including on my Facebook account.  Facebook die hards don’t seem to think Google+ is as fun as Facebook, but as the conversation about democratizing the web grows in so many different directions, it’s nice to know that at least one platform is not interrupting the free flow of posts.

Obviously my best social source, although not in the same category of social as G+ and FB, is StumbleUpon, and it has held the lead since I started running social stats.  Digg and LinkedIn posts pale to all the other platforms.

social analytics

How did i get the stats?  I am not going into setting up advanced segments in Google Analytics  for your social media platforms, so just Google around and you will find  helpful articles like this  that will guide you into setting up advanced segments for analysis.

Leverage your tweets for more engagement – Part 2

twitter birdIn Part 1 of Leverage your tweets for more engagement, I discussed the very short life of tweets and the importance getting your content out in front of the audience when they are most likely to see it.  I introduced Buffer for queuing  tweets for posting at certain times.  There are lots of tools that also queue tweets for future posting, Hootsuite for example, but I have found Buffer to be the easiest to use and the most effective.

How do I know when my tweets are most likely to be seen?

Who’s online when you tweet?  What are the chances of your content being seen?  Do you just put the content out there and hope it gets seen?  To find out when your followers are most likely to see your hard work, have a look at Social Bro.

Social Bro

Social Bro’s slogan is “Manage and analyze your twitter community”.  This very robust free site lets Twitter users:

  • See your Community in a Map
  • Manage Twitter Lists
  • Browse your Community
  • Keep your Community in a Local Database
  • Check who isn’t Following you Back
  • Fast Communication with your Friends
  • Insights about your Twitter Community
  • Easy unfollow back tools
  • Easy Follow back tools
  • and a number of other features

I am not going to review the features. Visit Social Bro and explore.  My favorite feature and the one I use most is The best time to Tweet, and that feature is the tie in to this 2 part series on leveraging your Tweets. Continue reading

TechCamp Memphis is next Satuarday, May 12

What is TechCamp?

TechCamp Memphis the bi-annual Memphis tech, social & online marketing conference. Spring ’12 TechCamp will be held May 12, 2012 in the Bornblum Library at Southwest Tennessee Community College (Macon Campus). Doors open at 7:30 am, with the conference running 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

The Spring ’12 TechCamp has 3 tracks: Developers, Content Creators & Curators, and Online Marketing. Session topics can be found HERE. Click on titles for descriptions of sessions.

How do I register?

Registration is through Eventbrite there may still be a few discount tokens available. Use “joe” for the coupon/discount code, while it lasts.  You can also register at the door.

I will be presenting

Not that it’s any huge deal, but I will be participating on a panel with Liz Jostes and Beth Sanders on Social Media Strategy.  I will also be prepared to do a short Introduction to Google Plus.  You may have noticed that I am advocating (maybe even evangelizing) Google Plus.  I figure when prominent social media folks like Brogan, Scoble and Kawasaki are strong proponents, Google + deserves a closer look.


I have been to a lot of  “camps”, and I can guarantee you 2 things: 1) You will learn things that will improve your business, your knowledge, or just make you a better person; and 2) You will benefit from NETWORKING with everyone who interests you.  There are no elitists at TechCamp, so feel free to approach anyone, discuss your ideas,  and get to know them better.

See you there!

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