Commercial Appeal loses another subscriber

Maybe I don’t pay much attention, but today was the first I heard about the Commercial Appeal raising its subscription rates by $2 per month, effective November 1.

I got a slick, pre-sort bulk piece mixed in with the Tuesday junk mail with the announcement. The CA says it’s the high cost of newsprint (didn’t the CA get smaller recently, or is that just my imagination?) and fuel costs. They have already cut service to 4000 “loyal readers” in outlying areas and plan curtailing service to 5,600 more.

I have the Wednesday through Sunday subscription plan, which I will cancel. We only read the Sunday paper anyway, and I would just as soon give my money to one of those kids that camp on the corner all day Sunday. I guess they will also raise the already incredibly high line price for real estate ads again too.

If you don’t know about RSS feeds and readers, now is a good time to learn. RSS is my primary source of news, and the way I keep up with Wendi C Thomas’ columns.

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