Social Media Heros -Realtor Convention-Expo-2008

Here in Orlando at the REALTOR convention, there is a huge trade show-hundreds, if not thousands of vendors trying to sell their products to Realtors.
My interests lean heavily toward the people who will be making a difference in the future of Real Estate, and those who succeed will be the social media pioneers – It is they that I seek out. I met Jeff Turner of Real Estate Shows but didn’t snap a picture. Real Estate shows is the best value in “tour” type products and is being promoted mostly via the social media. It is a viral product.
I am a Trulia Pro member and have had the pleasure of following the musings and adventures their social media guru, Rudy Bachraty for quite a while on his blog and twitter.

He is a tall guy. Nice to also meet the Freers, Gia and Grant, of socially intense realseekr. I enjoy follwing them and I got Gia to pose for a picture. I am very interested in their product, and hope to stir up some excitement back home.

I am looking forward to some great presentations tomorrow.

Oh, and I absolutely have to have a Dell Mini 9.

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