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Sometimes the best things fall through the cracks

Crockett Technical H.S. Yearbook page

Crockett Technical H.S. Yearbook page - 1923

The older I get the more I appreciate history, especially historical pictures.  The kind of pictures that end up in drawers somewhere, eventually to be thrown out with the trash.  Some folks keep those scraps that tie together generations.  If we are lucky, they share their collections.

A friend introduced me to memphistechhigh.com last week.  Gene Gill (Memphis Tech Class of 1951) has put together an unbeliveably comprehensive collection of information about Memphis Technical High School.  His collections about the school would put any archivist at the Memphis Board of Education to shame.  There is even a scan of every year book (with the exception of 1924) dating back to the school’s beginnings in 1911.  If you are a Tech alum or if you had any friends at Tech during its days as a high school, stop now and go to memphistechhigh.com  (I’ll wait – enjoy!). Continue reading

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