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Sometimes the best things fall through the cracks

Crockett Technical H.S. Yearbook page

Crockett Technical H.S. Yearbook page - 1923

The older I get the more I appreciate history, especially historical pictures.  The kind of pictures that end up in drawers somewhere, eventually to be thrown out with the trash.  Some folks keep those scraps that tie together generations.  If we are lucky, they share their collections.

A friend introduced me to memphistechhigh.com last week.  Gene Gill (Memphis Tech Class of 1951) has put together an unbeliveably comprehensive collection of information about Memphis Technical High School.  His collections about the school would put any archivist at the Memphis Board of Education to shame.  There is even a scan of every year book (with the exception of 1924) dating back to the school’s beginnings in 1911.  If you are a Tech alum or if you had any friends at Tech during its days as a high school, stop now and go to memphistechhigh.com  (I’ll wait – enjoy!). Continue reading

Mid-south highway condition resources

Even though  the winter storm seems to have  passed on through,  It wouldn’t hurt to check these resources for highway conditions if you are planning to travel in the Mid-South

Arkansas Road Conditons   http://www.arkansashighways.com/Road/mapopt.htm Map of road conditions throughout the state.  Road and travel conditions numbers: 1 (501) 569 2374 or 1 (800) 245 1672

Tennessee Road Conditions   http://ww2.tdot.state.tn.us/tsw/smartmap.htm Interactive map with traffic camera locations and road conditions.  Road condition phone numbers: 1 (800) 342 3258; 1 (800) 858 6349

Mississippi Traffic  http://www.mstraffic.com/ interactive, with camera locations, welcome stations, etc.– does not give actual road conditions, but rates traffic flow on a color coded scale (Google style) of slow to fast, and provides click-on hazard reports.

WordCamp is for WordPress lovers

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I find myself thanking my friend Brian Copeland in back-to-back posts for being the brains behind not one, but 2 stellar events in Nashville this week. I just posted about Tennessee’s first REBar Camp on Wednesday, 4/28. That was followed on Thursday by a WordCamp – a day devoted to the very popular blogging/website platform – WordPress.   If you are a blogger or if you have a website you should consider WordPress for a number of reasons, which I won’t go into in this post. (I still refer to my copy of  WordPress for Dummies )

The “camp” featured speakers ranging from geeky WordPress design, plugins, etc., to blogging legal issues, to internet and site security, analytics, and other topics revolving around this primo platform.  Like REBarCamp the day before, there was a lot of excellent and useful information as well as an incredible level of sharing.

Thanks to everyone who helped pull this WordCamp together.

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