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From Jerry Lawler to the Beatles – The Mid-South Coliseum

[Note:In light of recent news about the Mid-South Coliseum, I am re-posting this entry from November 26, 2009]

If you have lived in Memphis for a while you have some special memories of things that happened inside the Mid-South Coliseum.  I always thought the building looked more like a spacecraft than a multi-purpose arena – and it still does look it could launch at any moment.

Mid-South Coliseum

The building opened in 1963.  The first concert I remember seeing there was the Animals. They were the opening act.  I didn’t really care much about the headliner, Herman’s Hermits.  The last time I was in the building was for my son George’s graduation from Overton High School in 2005.  And many legendary things happened (not necessarily with me in attendance)  in between:  The Beatles, Elvis, the Who, Alice Cooper,  Dylan, Lynyrd Skynyrd…. and on and on.  I remember some great performances and have forgotten others.  I also remember some great and scary times times back stage. Continue reading

I just knew I should have gotten into this Mayor’s race

This article in the Commercial Appeal brought it all home today, when, within the space of 3 short paragraphs about the candidates, Jody Callahan  pointed out that one is a space alien and one a professional wrestler.

We are bound to get a lot of coverage on the Daily Show and late night TV before this  thing is over.

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