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From Fans to Likers

The one thing  you can depend on with Facebook is CHANGE.  If you are a Facebook user, and who isn’t these days, you have probably already noticed that FB has dropped the “Fan” terminology on FB pages, in favor of the less fervent “Like“.  I posted about the FB changes on April 9.  So when you visit a FB page for the first time now instead of the “Become a Fan”  button at the top of the page, there is simply a “Like” button.

Bottom line here, Facebook thinks that it is easier to get someone to like you than to be your fan.  So more people are likely to be Likers than are likely to be Fans, thus expanding  the network even further.  Like is all the buzz,  with FB is also providing code for Like buttons for blogs and websites….just look over into the first sidebar and Like this blog.  And while you are at it, like please go and Like My  Facebook Real Estate Page and the My Memphis Page.

I love Likers!

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