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Buildings worth saving? (Part 4)

A couple of big ones

Sterick Building, 8 N Third, Memphis, TN

Perspective is everything and sometimes that perspective is looking up a skyscraper.  Both the Sterick Building, 1927, 29 stories, 365 feet, and the Sears tower at 495 Watkins are imposing buildings that lend themselves to getting close and shooting upward.    Both are listed on the CCC’s list of top 10 Buildings Downtown worth saving.

The Sterick’s  original color was light gray, from the limestone and cast concrete facade.  It’s had a few paint jobs.  I don’t know who chose the current tacky yellow and brown. This is the kind of modern Gothic building you would expect Superman to leap over in a single bound.  Go look at the details at street level.  You’ll feel like you are on a movie set.

Sears Building - 495 N Watkins, Memphis, TN

The art-deco Sears building was built in 1927 as a “suburban” retail store.  The attached warehouse shipped Sears mail order all over the Southeast.  This is a big building, over 1 Million square feet.  Is there anyone who has ever lived in Midtown who hasn’t wanted to go to the top of that tower?

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